The tale of Loyal Shield

Das ist jetzt also mein erster Beitrag zu dieser wunderbaren Wohngemeinschaft. Wie unschwer zu erkennen sein sollte, handelt es sich um ein kleines lyrisches Werk, an dem ihr hoffentlich Freude haben werdet; vielleicht auch andere Emotionen, gänzlich fröhlich ist es nämlich nicht gehalten. Ich bin selbst ein wenig überrascht ob der Länge. Es hat so unschuldig begonnen.

Mein Englisch ist nicht perfekt, aber hoffentlich können die meisten Fehler mit der Zeit beseitigt werden.


And without further ado ~



From oldest myths, forgotten tales

Her story is fortold.

A tragedy right to the heart

And with a core of gold.


Once was a mare in Canterlot

Her coat of purest white.

Her origin was well hidden

And from a foreign tribe.


Her duty was of certain kind

Of dangerous detail.

She led a group of chosen guards

Protecting weak and frail.


Their mission was to guard the realm

Patrolling all it’s fields.

And time marched on, unstoppable

The turning of the wheels.


And in a cloudless windy night

They trotted on the streets.

A valley in the borderlands

That called them in it’s needs.


A fiend of shadows, high in arms

Laid waste upon the land.

The village on an island was

They chose the bridge to stand.


So clear it was that they would fall

So few in men and lost.

She held her stance and told to go

Before the bridge was crossed.


And while they did what she had asked

They could not let it rest.

Three pegasi took to the sky

to aid her with her quest.


The envoys quickly were welcomed

Far in the castle walls.

They told their story, thus followed

The heralds duty calls.


And as they turned and flew again

To the valley in the far

There were more than a thousand wings

And ponies watched in awe.


The army came upon the foe

The three guards felt the frost.

There she stood, was fighting still

And no one ever crossed.


The fiend was beaten, had withdrawn

Their dead were everywhere.

Nopony wounded, not one scratch

Though wounded was the mare.


Her legs were shaking, stained with blood

She gazed at the relief.

The fellow guards ran next to her

Their faces full of grief.


The Princess dashed and made her way

Through forces she had led.

But she saw that magic wouldn’t help

And tears formed her eyes wet.


The bloody mare finally fell

The Princess asked her name.

The mare gazed broken at the crown

„You did not die in vain.“


The night had fallen on the land

The Princess slowly kneeled.

Her horn emitting fading light

„My name is Loyal Shield.“


And thus the final breath was taken

The ponies all went home.

Except the Princess who remained

Thinking here to roam.


And then another year had passed

The village shone so bright.

There was a feast, a statuette

For Loyal Shieldes night.


Then finally the Princess came

And mourned her herald’s death.

And this continued year for year

Princesses don’t forget.